Swimming in Christianity, drowning in the church.



The other night a few of us were trying to give directions on how to get to a baseball park.  We were at baseball practice in our church gym due to the weather.  The person was not from Ashland, so the historical fact that the baseball park sits where a major city swimming pool once was, was lost on her.  We all joined in trying to give her directions from our church on how to get there and after a couple of minutes we think we finally got through all the driving and turning.  We then had a discussion that people from Ashland do not need directions to the former pool.  The pool is a point of reference that just is.  It is a cardinal point for giving directions, therefore we had a hard time of giving directions on how to get there.  As we finished that little philosophical/nastalgic thought, another parent asked a question that made us feel like idiots.  He asked, “Where are you coming from?”  Our directions, about a mile and half of driving and three turns.  His, one turn and 100 yards.  Why the change?  The direction that she would be coming from had her already driving right past the entrance.

Isn”t that just like many of the things we do in the church today.  We obviously know where they need to be, and we have the best directions.  The problem is we are giving directions from where we are to where they need to be.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to find out where they are first and then use familiar landmarks to guide them to where they need to be?


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